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PG ŠUM d.o.o.
Podvine 22
1420 Zagorje ob savi

About the company

Welcome to our website. PG Šum is a publishing company specialized in greeting cards and paper bags. The establishment goes back to 1960. The company has experienced ups and downs through the years, from being the largest manufacturer of greeting cards in Slovenia in 80’s, to fight for survival in 90’s and more rapid development and growth in the last seventeen years.

In 2019 we have a team of 15 people which work in area of publishing, from an idea, through design and creation of new lines of products, production, and storage of products at the company or subcontractors. On the other hand, we create marketing strategies and plans, solutions for the presentation of products to promote sales in retail shops and brand positioning in the market.

The company’s vision is to develop the most established and recognizable brand for greeting cards and gift bags on local markets, the introduction of additional gift programs, and promotion of our own designs in the global market while continuing to increase value-added.

Our program covers the wide area of greeting cards, gift bags, gift paper and creative paper products.  Products are divided according to a season in everyday Collection, Christmas Collection, Easter Collection, as well as smaller collections, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and the like. Products are decorated with hot- foil, embossing, glitter, die cuts and other decorations.  We are focusing on satisfying all age groups of consumers with different tastes.

Company’s motto is to satisfy consumer needs with the purchase of our humble, but with sense and love made product, along with maximizing the benefits of retail intermediaries, through which our products achieve the needs and wishes of the end customer.